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Second Prize for Environmental Technology Progress 2019

The company's EP-Cavition electrochemical oxidation technology won the 

"Second Prize for Environmental Technology Progress" in 2019


The latest news, according  to the announcement of the China Environment Protection Industry Association, the 2019awards for environmental technology progress awards were officially announced.  The EP-cavition  electrochemical oxidation Technology ?developed by Hebei Fengyuan Green Technology Inc. won the Second prize of Environmental Technology Progress Award “of China Environment Protection Industry Association.

The Environmental Technology Progress Award is based on the “National Science and Technology Award Regulations?and?Guiding Opinions of the Ministry of Science and Technology On further encouraging and regulating Social Forces to establish science and technology awards?,The national science and technology award approved by  the third meeting of the fifth council of the China Environmental Protection Industry Association. The aim is to give full play to the role of scientific and technological rewards in promoting the technological progress of the environmental protection industry, establish an enterprise-oriented, market-oriented ,industry-university-industrial innovation system, promote high-quality development of the environmental protection industry, and support ecological environment goverance.

The company’s “EP-cavition electrochemical oxidation technology has been recognized and paid attention by review experts for its advanced technology, outstanding effects, mature examples and leading industry status in the field of refractory organic waste-water treatment. And the same time, this technology has the characteristics of high integration and automation, stable operation, small footprint, no sludge production, etc., and has the prospect of engineering application and promotion.

The “EP-cavition Technology?to be awarded the “Second Prize for Progress in Environmental Technology?is another industry award since”EP-cavition?has been identified by the      China Environmental Protection Industry Association as “leading international level.?The award marks that the company’s sewage treatment level has been recognized in the domestic industry, which is of great significance and role in improving the company’s market position in the field of environmental protection and expanding the market.

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