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Shenzhou village sewage project

On December 3, 2019, according to the arrangements of Shenzhou Branch of Hengshui Ecological Environment Bureau, our company went to Fengjiazhuang, Shenzhou City, and successfully delivered the Fengyuan EP-Kaison electrochemical sewage purification integrated vehicle to the end users. City Beautiful Rural Construction Investment Co., Ltd.

The project was organized by the Hengshui City Ecological Environment Bureau Shenzhou Branch in 2019 for the Shenzhou Rural Environmental Improvement Equipment Purchase Project. The public bidding was evaluated by Hebei Fengyuan Green Protection Technology Co., Ltd. as a successful bid.

President Xi has repeatedly proposed at different times and on different occasions, "Building a beautiful and ecologically livable village, so that the majority of farmers will have a greater sense of happiness in the rural revitalization." we are looking for new technologies, methods and means for sewage treatment these years.

However, the situation of rural sewage is complex and there are many difficulties. For example, the rural sewage is extensive, scattered, and seriously aging. Each village builds a sewage treatment station, which requires high investment in equipment and pipeline networks, high operating costs, and difficult equipment operation and maintenance. The amount of sewage is small, the biological flora cannot get sufficient nutrition, and the bacteria will not be able to survive stably for a long time due to lack of nutrition, which makes it difficult for biological treatment of effluent to reach the standard stably; generally, it is difficult to achieve the standard due to poor biochemistry due to low temperature in winter.

In response to the above problems, Fengyuan researched and developed the EP-Cavition electrochemical sewage purification integrated vehicle, which is a low-cost, low-consumption, easy-to-operate, easy-to-maintain, and efficient operation sewage treatment technology. The vehicle can cruise to treat sewage from multiple villages, greatly reducing the investment scale and operating costs of rural sewage treatment, and effectively alleviating the problem of insufficient funds; at the same time, it overcomes the shortage of rural operation and maintenance technicians; more importantly, EP-Cavition electrochemical technology can stably treat low-temperature sewage in winter to meet standards.

Fengyuan EP Cavition sewage purification integrated vehicle, including automobile chassis and EP-Cavition electrochemical sewage treatment integrated system. The invention adopts the automobile chassis as the carrying tool of the container, so that it can be used on the spot and can be flexibly transferred, which greatly improves the use range and working radius of the sewage purification integrated vehicle, and can be used for one vehicle multi-purpose, reducing the cost of unit sewage treatment, especially suitable for multi-points, small amount of sewage, rural and wild sewage emergency treatment; a sewage treatment vehicle can cover multiple villages at the same time, only need to be equipped with a driver and an operator

Fengyuan EP-Cavition integrated waste-water purification vehicle is easy to apply, and the company designed a complete solution:

★Use village pits or build a sewage collection pond in the open. If the toilet water is mixed in addition to the household miscellaneous drainage, a front septic tank needs to be constructed.

★Depending on the amount of water, periodically or irregularly, the EP-Cavition Electrochemical Sewage Purification Integrated Vehicle will take turns to centralize the treatment in each village.

★Villages with independent septic tanks can directly use Fengyuan sewage purification integrated vehicles to extract supernatant for household-to-household treatment.

★After the sewage treatment reaches the standard, it can be directly discharged to the nearest ecological pond, or farmland, vegetable plots, trees, flowers, or directly into the designated ditch.

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