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The 6th China-Germany Environmental Forum 2019       

On October 30-31, the 6th China-Germany Environmental Forum was held in Beijing with the theme of "Facing 2030: Accelerating Innovation and Reform and Realizing Green Development".


     Our company was fortunate to participate in the one-on-one meeting of the Sino-German Environmental Forum on the 31st.

At the beginning of the meeting, Chinese and German speeches were given. The German representatives were: Mr. Jonathan schoo, general manager of the German Industry and Commerce Conference;


The two sides made meaningful and instructive speeches on further exploring new mechanisms, new fields, new models, deepening cooperation, learning from each other, and promoting the environmental protection and sustainable development of the two countries and even the world.


After the two parties delivered speeches, one-to-one exchanges were held between Chinese and German companies. The two German companies we docked with were the ALBA Group and WESSLING Consulting Ltd.


WESSLING Consulting Ltd is a German laboratory and consulting company with 1,400 employees in 9 countries and regions, helping customers solve environmental problems in water, soil, waste, etc. In-depth discussions have been made on policy guidelines and investment return ratios.


In the end, the two sides exchanged business cards and company albums, and they are expected to conduct in-depth cooperation on subsequent foreign-related water treatment projects.
Eurogreen Group is one of the world's leading recycling and environmental service providers and material suppliers, with 200 subsidiaries in the world. The two sides had an in-depth exchange on the planning, design, investment, and operation management of solid waste and the solution of leachate (kitchen garbage leachate) generated from solid waste.

    We introduced the application of EP-Kayssen electrochemical wastewater treatment equipment in various fields to Germany in detail, and received unanimous approval from German companies. And we attach great importance and praise to our technology, and hope that after a thorough understanding of this technology, it is expected to introduce this technology into their existing processing technology to achieve process optimization.


This forum played a positive role in the international journey of Fengyuan EP-Kayssen's electrochemical wastewater treatment equipment. For our company, we will learn from German excellent companies to solve in-depth and professional solutions in a certain field and provide personalized and diverse The service must be even more powerful for the development of our international business!

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