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Hebei Fengyuan crosses the country and goes to the world

In order to further develop the overseas strategic layout of Fengyuan Green and deepen the European market, in October 2019, Hebei Fengyuan , as a representative of outstanding enterprises in the environmental protection field of Hebei Province, participated in the organization organized by the Hebei Provincial Council for the Promotion of International Trade and the Provincial Ecological Environment Protection Department. The environmental protection enterprise delegation of Hebei Province co-organized by the Environmental Science Academy and other units went to Belgium and France for environmental market research and technical exchanges.


On the morning of October 14, the Hebei Provincial Environmental Protection Delegation arrived at the Green Valley Environmental Protection Industrial Park in Houthalen, Limburg, Belgium, to participate in the Cleantech Association's promotion matchmaking conference jointly organized by Limburg and East Flanders. The Belgian Cleantech Association is an organization in the Flanders Region that promotes the development of clean technologies in the region. Green Valley is the largest clean technology and recycling economy incubation park in Limburg, Belgium.


Hebei Province and Belgium's East Flanders formally established a friendly province relationship on October 4, 1991. The cooperation between the two sides in economic, trade, environmental protection and education has been precious for 28 years. Located in the western part of Belgium, the province of East Flanders covers an area of 3,000 square kilometers and has a population of 1.4 million. It is the second largest province in Belgium. The province is economically developed and is an export-oriented economy.


In the promotion meeting, the head of the Belgian party first gave a brief introduction to the environmental protection industry in East Flanders and Limburg, and then the director of Hebei Provincial Ecological Environment Protection Department introduced the environmental protection industry in Hebei Province.


Finally, Fengyuan Green, as a representative of Hebei Environmental Protection Group, took the stage to introduce the information of Fengyuan Environmental Protection EP-Kaisen Electrocatalytic Oxidation Wastewater Treatment Technology, application fields, company business scope and technical advantages. It introduces in detail the EP-Kaisen sewage treatment module, box and vehicle equipment and other different types of equipment for different projects, especially highlighting the flexible, efficient, convenient and fast equipment. At the same time, Fengyuan Environmental Protection's strategic plan for international business was demonstrated, and the willingness to cooperate in the sewage treatment business was communicated to the Belgian environmental protection companies present.


?/span>Liu Meijiao, from International Trade Department, introduces Hebei Fengyuan Environmental Protection Company?/span>


    During the meeting, the company met with Patrick Vanschoubroek, general manager of Blue Foot Membranes, to discuss one-on-one exchanges. It is understood that some sewage treatment plants in Belgium have not been able to reach the water standard after undergoing a series of treatments such as membrane treatment and biochemistry. . So Su Dingshui, the chairman of the board, introduced EP-Kaisen wastewater treatment technology. Patrick is very interested in our EP-Kaisen electrocatalytic oxidation wastewater treatment technology. Chairman Su has deep communication with the other party on the core technical issues. Exchange contact information and wait for further communication and cooperation.


    On the morning of October 15, I visited the Eastern Flanders Government and met with Vice Governor Mrs. Anne Marie Charlier to exchange information on the environmental industry. The deputy governor introduced the local government's low-emissions projects and wastewater and waste gas treatment projects.


During the meeting with the Deputy Governor of East Flanders, Mr. Su Deshui, Chairman of Fengyuan Environmental Protection, introduced the technology and business situation of our company. General Manager Su said: Electrochemical oxidation technology is one of the advanced oxidation technologies, which pass the catalytic activity. The oxidizing intermediate produced directly or indirectly by the electrode effectively converts the ammonia nitrogen in the wastewater into harmless nitrogen. Electrochemical oxidation has unique advantages: non-selective degradation of pollutants in wastewater, no or little secondary pollution; operation at normal temperature and pressure, mild reaction conditions, high energy efficiency; no additional redox agent required Avoid secondary pollution caused by external chemicals, create conditions for wastewater reuse: adjust reaction conditions (current, voltage) to adjust reaction rate at any time, with strong controllability; easy to combine with other processes (biological method, ozone oxidation method, etc.) It can be used for the treatment of small-scale wastewater, and can also be used for the treatment of large-scale wastewater; the equipment and its operation are simple, and the floor space is small, which is an environment-friendly technology.


During the meeting with the vice governor, Mr. Su introduced the situation of Fengyuan Company, and Liu Meijiao of the International Trade Department translated and translated in English.


    On the afternoon of the 15th, I visited Aquoifin, a sewage treatment plant in Ghent. The company first introduced the company's technology and business conditions, and then led the Hebei Environmental Protection Group to visit the company's sewage treatment plant. Our company has in-depth communication on wastewater treatment technology and the other company, and introduced our electrocatalytic oxidation treatment technology, which is very effective for the treatment of refractory organic wastewater, especially high-salt wastewater. It is an efficient and stable environment friendly. Type water treatment technology. Aquoifin expressed willingness to conduct further communication and cooperation. In the exchange, the head of Aquoifin Company is very recognized by EP Kaisen technology.


On October 17th, visit the Suez Environmental Group in France. Suez is the world's leading company dedicated to environmental services. With more than 160 years of experience in water treatment and waste treatment.


On October 18, I visited the French-Chinese Committee and met with Mr. Ghao and Chairman Cui Wen, Chairman of the Sustainable Development Project Committee of the French-Chinese Committee, to strengthen exchanges with France in the field of environmental protection, and to explore cooperation space and technical exchanges between Chinese and French enterprises in the field of environmental protection. . The French-Chinese Committee was established in 1979. Its main task is to promote the development of economic and trade relations between China and France, and to provide and introduce information about China's economic and trade development to French companies. There are more than 120 member companies.



    At the end of the trip, Chairman Su Deshui pointed out that Fengyuan Environmental Protection has become a "world-class" global enterprise. Now we are deeply rooted in the world's major sewage treatment market by seeking partners and seeking overseas agents. Every solid step taken will continue to strongly contribute to the rapid growth of our future international market. At the same time of developing overseas business, Fengyuan Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. must first showcase the Chinese people's style on behalf of China. Secondly, as Fengyuan people should protect the signs of Fengyuan Environmental Protection, we must also learn from the experience of developing the domestic market. Develop more accumulated work experience. Finally, the chairman also eagerly takes care of the Ministry of International Trade to pay attention to establish friendly cooperative relations with customers and companies in the same industry, so as to achieve mutual benefit.

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