Nanjing Zhaofengyuan Green technology Co., Ltd cooperate with Shandong Iron and Steel companies


15th Aug 2019?Nanjing Zhaofengyuan Green technology Co., Ltd, filiale of Hebei Fengyuan Green technology Inc.participated in “Innovative and high technology goes into companies”activity.First stop of this activity is Taishan Iron and Steel Co.,Ltd.


Taishan Iron and Steel Company’s president Mr Wang Yongsheng gave a warm speech.Then as a key point of this conference, president of Nanjing Zhaofengyuan Green technology, Mr Hao Xiangshou introduced Fengyuan Green’s technology of zero discharge and resource utilization of coking wastewater, which is highly valued by leaders of Taishan Iron and Steel. In the meantime, general manager, Mr Zhangjing and director Mr Li Wanliang of Nanjing Zhaofengyuan also participated in this conference.


In the afternoon, Mr Hao Xiangshou and Mr Li Wanlaing introduced our electrochemical oxidation technology, and provided a full solution for Taishan Iron and Steel.


After this communication, director of Taishan Iron and Steel Mr Chen Peidun made a conclusion that they highly value Fengyuan’s technology, and that they wish Fengyuan could provide a project plan for their case. And they will send us wastewater sample for test.


16th Aug 2019, Nanjing Zhaofengyuan cisited Laigang Yongfeng Iron and Steel Co.,Ltd.

Mr Hao Xiangshou gave a report about zero discharge and resource utilization of coking wastewater. Futher cooperation is under discussion.


28th Aug, Shandong energy saving association,Shandong metallurgical design institute, Taishan Iron and Steel, Laigang Yongfeng and Yongkuang international visited our Xuzhou Enyuan Green Technology Co.,Ltd to investigate our EP-Cavition electrochemical oxidation technology application in industrial parks.In the end, they gave a high appraisal and affirmation to our technology.


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